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About InnovaTools

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Innovations That Improve Lives

At InnovaTools, our goal is to develop innovative products that improve lives. Whether a face mask that helps police officers communicate more effectively with the general public or an alert bracelet that trains users to stop touching their face, our goal has always been to improve the lives of people who use our products.

Simpler, smarter, better. ‘Occam’s Razor’ is a philosophy that guides our development process: the simplest solution is often the best solution. Starting from basic principles, we break down a specific life problem into its constituent parts and then, with a critical eye, we design, prototype and test a simple solution that either improves or solves that problem.

Our Team

We’re dreamers and dabblers, tinkerers and testers. We know there’s always a better way. Our “Eureka!’” moment occurs when someone declares “Of course… Why didn’t someone think of this before?”

Alexandre Cloutier
Founder, CEO

Much to my parents horror, I spent most of my youth taking things apart to see how they worked. As a general contractor, I continued down this path pushing materials and tools to their limits, and questioning everything.

After being told that an idea I had for improving the use of an industrial tool that hadn’t changed in 30 years would never fly. I developed, tested and adapted my first prototype and finally brought it to market. It took flight very quickly.

A few years back, we branched into health and safety products – this was the genesis of InnovaLife. This has also been the most rewarding phase of my business life.

Below is the team responsible for turning ideas into products. My role is strictly to support them and help them reach their full potential, questioning what they do and finding the best solution. InnovaTools Inc is a team effort that I am fortunate to be leading.

The Team Turning Ideas into Worldwide Products

The members of this team responsible for turning ideas into reality are: Alexandre, Simon and Gabriel in engineering, handling the product conceptualization, development and prototyping and production/manufacturing when done on site; Khaled, who looks after online sales, marketing, programming, and graphic design; Wendy who takes care of the administrative side of things to keep everything running smoothly as well as social media.

The main requirement to work at InnovaTools Inc is to always question what we do and have an open mind to adapt and learn new approaches. The day we stop improving is the day we stop succeeding.

Simon B.
Mechanical Engineer

Alex D.
Mechanical Engineer

Gabriel B.
Mechanical Engineer

Wendy B.

Khaled S.
Web / SEO Specialist