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FREE 4-6 Day Standard Shipping to Canada & USA on Orders US$150+

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InnovaTools manufactures a variety of portable siding brake accessories and tools for Van-Mark, Tapco and Alum-A-Brake brands. We also offer a adjustable radius trowel; an innovative product made for finishing concave and convex surfaces using any kind of material.

We are driven by the quest to invent tools that optimize productivity, do the job better and faster, and, ultimately, MAKE YOU MORE MONEY.

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Customers Feedback

Super effective time saver!  Installation was quite easy. I immediately began cutting coil stock and bending fascia covers. I estimate that on the first day it saved me at least 3 hours. It really lives up to its name "Just Bend"!

Terry L. Childers, USA -

Everyone with a bender needs these. After coming across the company name in a youtube video I decided to look into them and give the product a try... the video for the install was very helpful and very easy to do. With very little time I noticed right away that a tape measure was not needed to make my marks before bending. After a couple of pieces I realized how productive these tool has helped me and wonder why everyone does not have one of these on the benders. Its a great product and anyone that I know in the trade I highly recommended to.

Miguel, Canada -

Absolute must have - Great addition to my tapco 10'6" break. Will speed up time spent bending coil to your specific application.

The double measurement on the just bend it makes using a cutter that much quicker and more precise. I would purchase this 5 times over. Great price and worth every penny. Great for teaching your new guys the ropes on cutting and bending coil stock.

Chad Schulte, USA -

Out of all the orders placed with different companies to assemble an extremely functional brake, this was the easiest and smoothest transaction.The kits shipped quickly, arrived without incident, and were packed well with clear instructions. With no experience in putting these together, assembly went pretty smoothly, a testament to well-written instructions with pictures. The installation and function is as expected from a high-quality product. Thank you for providing high quality tools; they make bends sepeatable with far less effort in a much shorter time frame. Concentration is spent more on the job and less on how to make the tools work as needed to get the desired results. 

Brad Kraus, USA - Via Email

The Just-Bend kit has improved my bending
speed by a solid 75%
. The Just-Bend tool kit is very accurate and painless to assemble on the bender. This tool is simple and effective. It's sad to think I had to spend so much time writing lines on flat-stock. I recommend investing in this genius tool. Make yourself a favor and buy one, for the price, it's outstanding. Thanks again...

Matt Beauchamp, Canada - Via Email